Transportation and Traceback:

Once your product has been produced and/or packaged, it is ready to go to market. Beware! Produce that has been produced in a safe and clean environment can be easily contaminated by dirty shipping containers or vehicles - make sure your best production practices include checking containers and vehicles - each shipment. Similarly, undesirable air-borne particles that come in contact with produce that is not covered in an open vehicle can result in contamination that will only show up after a consumer has eaten your produce - cover your load and keep them at the proper shipping temperature. Never transport produce in containers or vehicles that have previously carried chemicals or animals, unless the vehicle has been throughly sanitized.

It is also important to identify each batch of produce with some sort of alpha-numeric coding so that if a food-borne problem is suspected, agencies can easily identify the source of all produce in the suspected batch. The details of fleld production and packaging needs to be documented on a daily basis.

The following are ways to ensure the best practices for shipping and traceback.

Clean and Careful Handling