Chemical Safety:

Control measures

Calculate chemical dosages before application to avoid overtreatment.

Follow all instructions when applying a pesticide—be sure it can be legally used for the intended purpose. Most pesticides have a full set of instructions on their packaging.

Use pesticides and other agricultural chemicals only when necessary.

Calculate the amount of spray mixture needed to spray a given size of field ahead of time to avoid leftover diluted chemicals.

Mix and dilute chemicals outdoors, rather than inside your farm buildings.

Carry clean water in a nurse tank to the field to measure and mix with chemicals.

Careful storage of chemicals on the farm:

  • Do not leave chemicals out in the open. Store separately from where people work for extended periods of time. Keep in a locked, labeled, weather-tight storage area.
  • Store all chemicals off the floor. Powders should be on higher shelves, separated from liquids, and all should be appropriately labeled.

Dispose of any excess chemical and its container in accordance with label directions and local regulations.

Keep accurate records of all chemical applications and original product information.

Pesticide residue carry-over equals illegal residues; use chemicals carefully.